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512 Studios is a full service recording studio that offers music & sound production, engineering services as well as rehearsal and practice spaces. Omar Vallejo is the Head House Engineer and Owner of 512 Studios.

512 Studios

512 Studios

512 Studios Live is an Austin based T.V show created by Omar Vallejo that showcases local bands, bars and businesses. With Jared Aja as Video Director (atownproduction) , the show has been receiving accolades from local and social media. Along with some comedic satire and hokey skits, the show has been promoting the Austin Music Scene and local hotspots along the way.  The show is on every Saturday night at 11:30pm-12pm on “The CW”. (an NBC affiliate)

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512 Studios Live

VALLEJO MUSIC GROUP is a Texas based production company founded by the Vallejo Bros. (A.J., Alejandro & Omar Vallejo) from the Latin rock band, VALLEJO. Along with an experienced ten album career, hundreds of studio sessions and thousands of live performances, the brothers have also produced many Texas and worldwide artists for VMG in Austin, Texas.

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